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Let me be lavish of my tears and dream that all that is false is true

not the greatest person in the world

14 April
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  • duh927
ok lets see... my journal is friends only for the fact that too many people wanna post as anonymous cuz they're too pussy to mention their names... also, too many people i don't know wanna be up in my grill.. lmao.. but yea uhm i'm 17 i am an aries wich means i am blunt like extremely so if you think im a bitch im not i just like to tell the truth that's all it is that is how i am and i wont change for anyone.. nopers also i'm not in the best mood these days so dont bug me unless it's important.. only the people i love or the ones who care about me needa read it.. so if u love me or care about me at all.. wich u probly dont.. just comment and i'll let u read about wat's crackin...